An Analysis of Mustafa Afridi's Sng-E-Mah as an Adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Kamran Zaib
Irfan Ullah
Muhammad Anwar
Zubair Ahmad
Shahzad Khan


This research article explores the 2022 Pakistani drama series, "Sng-e-Mah," written by Mustafa Afridi, as an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Through a detailed analysis of the plot, characters, and themes of both works, this article argues that "Sng-e-Mah" adapts Hamlet to a contemporary Pakistani context, while also retaining the essence of Shakespeare's original tragedy. By examining the cultural and historical context of both works, this article highlights how "Sng-e-Mah" explores universal themes of love, revenge, and betrayal, while also addressing issues specific to Pakistani society. Overall, this article argues that "Sng-e-Mah" is a successful adaptation of Hamlet that engages with both Shakespearean and Pakistani cultural traditions.

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Kamran Zaib, Irfan Ullah, Muhammad Anwar, Zubair Ahmad, & Shahzad Khan. (2023). An Analysis of Mustafa Afridi’s Sng-E-Mah as an Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Al-Qanṭara, 9(3), 96–101. Retrieved from


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