Phenomenological Inquiry into Postgraduate Students' Perceptions of Academic Supervision and Feedback Experiences

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Dr. Noor Mohammad
Mehnaz Aslam
Tehseen Anjum
Shahzad Haider (Corresponding author)
Muhammad Hashim
Muhammad Imran


This study investigates the impact of supervision and feedback on the quality of research conducted by postgraduate students, focusing on their experiences and perspectives. Five participants from different universities in Karachi, Pakistan, were interviewed using a phenomenological approach. The findings reveal a range of experiences, with some feeling supported by their supervisors while others felt neglected. Differences were observed in communication styles, feedback procedures, and levels of support, particularly between public and private sector university postgraduate students. Despite variations, participants emphasized the importance of advocacy, emotional support, and mentorship from their supervisors. The study underscores the complexity of the supervisor-supervisee relationship and highlights the need for standardized communication, supervisor training, and a supportive environment to enhance postgraduate students' academic performance and experience.


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Dr. Noor Mohammad, Mehnaz Aslam, Tehseen Anjum, Shahzad Haider (Corresponding author), Muhammad Hashim, & Muhammad Imran. (2024). Phenomenological Inquiry into Postgraduate Students’ Perceptions of Academic Supervision and Feedback Experiences . Al-Qanṭara. Retrieved from

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