Effects of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity on ESL Learner’s Speaking Skills: A Sociolinguistics Study

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Muhammad Nasir
Javed Ahmad
Nadia Arshad
Hira Hasnain
Asif Ali


The purpose of this study is to statistical analyzing the ESL learners speaking skills both (boys and girls) at primary level, which are affected by the cultural and linguistic diversity. The study focuses this subject, as a limited number of researches are available on statistical analysis of ESL learners. Convenient sample technique were using for this research. Since the research is descriptive in nature, questionnaire based analysis is applied in the analysis. Speaking skills is one of the most important skills in language, which analyzed through quantitative method and qualitative approach. This new angle has increased the reliability of the study.  The research has been limited to the analysis of ESL learners of Mian Channu schools for the analysis ESL learners at primary level were chosen and were analyzed and their speaking skills which were affected by the cultural linguistic diversity, through this analysis main statements questionnaire used by the researcher are dealt with. This research is helpful for those researchers who want to do a statistical analysis of various linguistic works, especially for the students who have an interest to investigate the speaking skills of ESL learners. This study finds out that Effect of cultural and linguistic diversity on ESL learners speaking skills at primary level. Research results show that the ESL learners difficulties in speaking due to cultural and linguistic diversity. The researchers were able to conclude that the learners' problem in speaking English in ESL classrooms was fear of making a mistake, incorrect pronunciation, lack of confidence in class understanding of grammatical patterns, limited vocabulary skills, students' interest, mother tongue use and lack of discipline. Furthermore, the researchers discovered in her research on ESL learners' speaking problems that the issues are caused by cultural and linguistic factors.

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Muhammad Nasir, Javed Ahmad, Nadia Arshad, Hira Hasnain, & Asif Ali. (2023). Effects of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity on ESL Learner’s Speaking Skills: A Sociolinguistics Study. Al-Qanṭara, 9(4), 307–316. Retrieved from http://alqantarajournal.com/index.php/Journal/article/view/365


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